Monday, July 03, 2006

HOW Magazine, Sketchclub & Copyrights

For a little change of scenery, we headed to Borders. It's about 20 minutes away (without traffic). They seem to get their magazines on the shelves faster, and Scott says they have a better photography section than Barnes & Noble. I found the new HOW magazine, and read through about half of it last night.

There's a very interesting article on copyrights. It made me want to dig out my copyright paperwork last night and make sure it all was in order. After reading about the A Muse counterfeiters (the old posts don't seem to be available on the blog, so sorry, but no link) and hearing some other stories from the stamping world, I realize that it is a real concern. Though I hope it's a problem that comes with success rather than just an overall risk.

There's a short article about Sketch Club. It's a group of LA artists meet for lunch, people-watch, select a target, and then go back and sketch them from memory. It's very cool to see the different interpretations.


Blogger Ken Chandler said...

Small world. I know several of the artists who participate in the Sketch Club, though I live miles away. They're great guys, and terrific artists! Thanks for highlighting their covert activities.

6:21 PM  

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