Monday, August 21, 2006


We came back to the hotel for breakfast. Then Scott took Jake back to the room for napping. Dad decided to nap too. Mom & I went shopping. Mom is on the hunt for a butter dish - the round kind with a domed lid. I just like looking. So we went to several antique stores.

I picked up a little book of "gummed papers" that I've not had a chance to study very well yet, so I'm not sure what it is exactly. But it looks old and interesting. I also got a handful of interesting early 20th century postcards. Then we went back to Wicked Goods and I bought the little papier mache Halloween figures I'd seen the day before. So cute!

It's always fun to see things in antique stores that are similar or the same as things we own. There were quite a few Royal Daulton ladies selling for around $200 a piece. And we saw a cross stitch sampler nearly identical to one that may parents have in their living room. The one in the antique store was not dated but was tagged with an estimation of being from the 18th century. It was priced at $550. Ours is most likely from the early 19th century, is in much better condition, and we even have a photograph of the person who made it.


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