Friday, April 07, 2006

Flower Fields & Another Hint & Cruisin' Grand & Quickutz

Okay, it's a lot to cram into one post, but I'm really short on time this week. My parents arrived on Wednesday night. I was able to see them briefly that evening. Scott's not working this week, so he & Jakob are spending time with them while I put in loooong hours at work.

Flower Fields & Bates Nut Farm

Yesterday, they went to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. I was a little disappointed not to be able to go along. It's really spectactular to see acres of flowers in bloom. The ranunculus are warm and vivid and oddly unscented. There's a little mining trough thing for kids. Water running through it, and you can buy a bucket of gravel laced with semi-precious stones. Dump it in the water and find the stones. Jake was mostly interested in splashing the water, timidly at first and then wholeheartedly. Good thing he had a sweatshirt along because his shirt got soaked.

Just outside the entrance of the Flower Fields is a big red tractor. Jake loved big red tractor the very best of all the day's activities, and apparently pitched quite a fit when it was time to leave and he was not allowed to stay on the big red tractor.

After the Flower Fields, the crew headed to Bates Nut Farm (which Scott always calls "Nate's Butt Farm"). They got fudge and nuts at the general store. Jake got to feed the goats. Sort of. He hasn't yet figured out how to cup his hand to hold small things like goat feed or M&Ms. So he just held his hand out to the goats with his fingers splayed and the goats had to make do with the feed that stuck to Jake's fingers.

Today, they went to breakfast at Champions Diner. Then visited my mother-in-law at work and my father-in-law at home. After the visiting, my parents took Jake to Grape Day Park and Scott went to his studio to get ready for 2nd Saturday (tomorrow night).

Another Hint

When I got home, I had my first box of hint-related goodness waiting for me. 22 pounds of it. It's red. So exciting. I went right over to Cat's to share the excitement. You all will have to wait just a bit longer. But not much.

Dinner & Cruisin' Grand

We all went to dinner at Hacienda de Vega. Yum. Lousy service, as usual. Great food & ambiance. We dropped my mom & Jake off at home and then headed to Cruisin' Grand. First one of the season. It was so crowded! And it almost seemed like the ratio of cops to civilians was about 1:10. There were so many uniforms handing out citations all over downtown. Scott & my dad walked around. They saw a car with a lift on it so high that the bumper was eye level. Scott got a picture of the cop measuring the height. I'll have to post it so you can see.


While I love the Cruisin' Grand atmosphere, I was more excited about being Jake-free and getting a chance to more thoroughly explore the inventory at The Scrapping Cottage. Expensive exploration, but I so rarely get a chance to go over there, I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy. Okay, it wasn't just a treat - it was a smorgasboard. Too bad my husband showed up just as I was writing out my check - his eyes bugged out, "that's your total????" Ahem. Yeah. Look what I got, though. Some of these shapes are retired & I'd never even seen them before. I got the Pink Squeeze tool, also. It really is better than the old blue handle. Not sure if I'll sell the old one (not sure if I can get enough for it to make it worthwhile) or if I'll keep it for use in classes.


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