Sunday, April 30, 2006

My husband is going to jail, but what to wear...

Oh yes, you didn't think I would forget to update you on the alternate universe that is my husband's family, did you?

Who knew that there were rules about what you can wear when visiting inmates? Well, certainly not me. Even though I studied Criminal Justice, I have never actually been to a prison facility. So, the rules were: 1) no khaki because that's what the guards wear, 2) no jeans because that's what the prisoners wear.

Scott went to visit his brother Paul. The prison "camp" is about 2 hours away. He had to be transferred there, because his wife got a restraining order against him and he'd not allowed to be within 50 miles of her. What? Hello! He's in JAIL. Why should it matter if he's 10 miles away or 50 miles away if he's locked up? Oh, right, you'd have to be logical to come to those kinds of conclusions. What was I thinking?

I'm somewhat relieved that he'll be getting out in about a month. Our phonebill should go down considerably, because he won't be calling us collect every few days. Gotta love when you have company, and the answering machine picks up one of those calls: "This is a call from a California State Correctional Facility..." the voice booms out. Good thing we never have company.


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