Friday, April 28, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Got home early this afternoon. We were planning to stop at Scott's favorite Mexican restaurant, Olinda's, for something to eat. We got there & parked, but when we got to the front door, the place was all closed down. Nothing inside, not even the counter. Even the door knob was missing. Sigh. Pretty devastating after the very recent Krispy Kreme closure. What is San Diego coming to?

It was too depressing (plus Jake was super-whiny because he has a cold), so we headed home. Scott took a nap while I caught up on email & blogging, and Jake trashed the house. He started with pulling apart all the pages of about 5 post-it note pads, then throwing his mega blocks (giant Legos) one at a time into the hall, then emptying my closet of shoes and distributing them randomly throughout the house... you get the idea.

As I was pulling the photos from the weekend off my camera and looking through them, I realized I hadn't posted the exciting mail delivery I got on Monday. Wood! More than 100 pounds of it! Jake was as excited as I was and promptly unpacked all the boxes for me, saying "pull, pull!" the whole time. I included the picture of me, even though it's terrible & my eyes are closed, for reference. I'm 5'10" - so you can see how much wood this is. It's a lot. Enough for about 2,500 stamps. And it's heavy.

One additional box of wood arrived while I was in Chicago. I have it all now. Scott stopped at Sears and got us some jigsaw blades - we're ready to assemble!

And speaking of mail, I got my Oriental Trading Company goodies, and I got this little RAK (random act of kindness) goodie in the mail from Peg at 2peas. (Thanks, Peg!) I will reciprocate eventually. I suck at getting things to the post office. Not enough hours in the day. Good thing I won't be handling distribution for this stamp business myself!


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