Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stamp On In

We realized at 7:35 that it was 7:35. And that the stamp store we wanted to get to closes at 8:00. Eek! So we finished up our drinks, got the check paid, and Devon was a pro at getting us a taxi and getting the taxi driver to really step-on-it. We arrived at Stamp On In at 7:57. And they were nice enough to let us come in and stay for a while.

I started with apologizing for arriving so late, and explaining that I'd just arrived from San Diego today and we lost track of time over dinner. They were very gracious. I let them look through my little box of samples while we shopped, and chatted intermittently. They had lots of nice things to say, but hard to tell if it was just because I'd put them on the spot by being there while they were looking through things.

They've gotten in some Rosie's Roadshow images since the last time I was there. They said they were just trying them out to see how they went over. They also had Queen & Co products.

I even remembered to tell them about our Design Team search, but I did forget to take along the flyers I'd printed out. Drat.

I was very encouraged when they asked, as I was checking out, if I had an order form. I told them that there's one on the web site, but we won't be taking orders until May 1, and won't be fulfilling them until June 1. They took the news well, and asked what my minimums would be.

Anyway, it's a great little store. The guys that work there (I'm guessing one of them was the owner) are just adorable and fun, and the store is very hip. So if you're in Chicago, I definitely recommend visiting.


Blogger Shauna said...

Stamp On In is a great store! I love the owner. I went a couple of years ago when it just opened. How funny, I got my first A Muse stamps there and just used the stamp on a card posted to 2peas yesterday.


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