Friday, April 21, 2006

Studio Friday

This week's topic for Studio Friday (suggested by christine) is SPARKLE/SHINE or SHIMMER.

I enlisted my talented husband's photography skills to get this shot of one of the many sparkly/shiny/shimmery things in my studio. Then I sent him downtown to his studio (mine is in our house) to get a picture so he could join in the fun, too. Here's his entry.

Anyway, the pictures are of my jar of Twinkling H2Os. Love those things.

The unfortunate thing is that there's not great light in there, so clear photos without flash are tough. We live in house from the 1920s, with all the charms and hazards. That includes original light fixtures and original electrical wiring. When we moved (just 3 years ago), we actually had to have all the outlets switched from 2-prong to 3-prong. There were no 3-prong outlets in the whole house until we moved in. In this day and age, that's just crazy, I tell ya.


Anonymous ~michelle~ said...

Shiney goodness!!!

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Mary Jane said...

hi Johanna from CA...yes today was amazing...thanks for visiting my site today...I would love to see pictures of your vintage home..what is the style....LOL

7:13 PM  
Blogger Lisa Marie said...

I didn't even think of my Twinkling H2Os! I love those things! Haven't used them in a while...should pull them out and sit them in view so I'll be inspired...

9:33 PM  
Blogger firstborn studio said...

i ADORE these lil'pots o'glimmer!

6:49 AM  
Blogger Joy Eliz said...

Oh!!!! those look so cool!
I've never seen them before - thanks for adding the link.
adding H2O's to my list of things to get:)

8:30 AM  
Blogger tiffinix said...

Oh fabulous! I have never tried these shimmer shiny paints. Thank you for the link - I will go scope it out!

1:13 PM  
Blogger firstborn said...

incredible collection you got there!!!! wow! makes my stash (of 8 pots)look like nothing compared to your giant jar of them!!!!

glad that i'm not alone in my addiction/obsession with stamps...thanks for stopping by my blog and i appreciate the nice comment...

is there such a thing as "stampers anonymous"?

:) mary ann

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Hanna said...

I've never seen those, and you have so many! wow, looks very interesting! :-) thanks for posting, how do you use them?


5:58 AM  
Blogger madretz said...

hehehe!! I see you've got a nice collection of glimmery goodness, too!

Ya can't just stop with 1 or 2 colors, right? ;)

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Pamela said...

Hi Johanna, thanks for checking out my tiny blog! I like your little pots of color. I've never heard or seen them before. Thanks for sharing. :)

10:36 AM  
Anonymous susan said...

I've never seem these before but they do look like fun and so pretty to look at. Liked your husbands picture too!

6:27 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I love twinkling H20s! Thanks for yuor comment on my blog. I think using the Lennox vase for your brushes is a wonderful idea. I think it is important to use beautiful objects and enjoy them!

8:32 PM  

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