Tuesday, July 04, 2006

HOW Magazine & Danny Gregory

I hadn't noticed in my initial perusal of my new issue of HOW Magazine that this month's issue is a special issue, focusing on illustration. Is it serendipity? Like a big Bugs Bunny path lit with Vegas lights and giant arrows screaming "this way!" Everywhere I look, I see connections between what I want to do and what's going on in the world around me. Is is because there's a quiet creative revolution? Is re-embracing of pen and paper in a world overly saturated with technology? Or is it because I'm interested now, and I see things I didn't take in before?

There's a little ad in this issue that references Penelope Dullaghan (of Illustration Friday), but seems to be just an incidental reference to her portfolio.

And I keep stumbling into articles about Danny Gregory, on blogs, in magazines, and his very approachable method of encouraging people to draw, and to see. So, no surprise that there's a big article by him in this issue. I really need to get his book. Maybe the bookstore will be open today. I love what he has to say in this article:

... our goal is not to produced slick compes; it's to lead a creatively fertile life. Designers, art directors, copywriters, engineers, architects, academics, even lawyers, get paid first and foremost to be creative problem-solvers. We need to tap back into the wild mid we had when we held crayons instead of
computer mice."

Also, interesting is this entry on his site about his experience creating the cover. You can read it here.


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