Monday, August 21, 2006

Heritage Gardens

In the afternoon, we went to Heritage Gardens and explored the grounds. My parents said I was there when I was little, but it didn't seem familiar. Jake really enjoyed the chance to actually run around.

We walked the labyrinth, reminsicent of the one we saw in Chartres last Fall. Dad has a friend (former colleague) who is writing a book on labyrinths.

Jake particularly enjoyed the antique car museum on the grounds. There was even a car that kids could climb on and sit in. Jake "drove" it for a while, but we had to pry him away so some other kids could also enjoy it.

We all rode the carousel, which featured hand-carved horses. There was an interesting art display in the carousel building. A collection of amazing art made from seashells. And a collection of children's portraits from the 1800s. I learned that boys and girls had similar hair styling and it was common for boys to also wear dressed through the mid-1800s.


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