Monday, August 21, 2006

Ice Cream Sandwich

In our room, there were some freebie recent issues of a local magazine called Cape Cod Life. The August 2006 issue has a terrific guide to homemade ice cream on the cape and islands.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for ice cream at Ice Cream Sandwich, which I'd read about in Cape Cod Life magazine.

Recommended favors:
Bear Claws: chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered cashews and a caramel swirl

Hazelnut Coffee: coffee ice cream with hazelnut flavoring

B.K.'s Special: peanut butter ice cream with Oreos

Green Monster: mint ice cream with chocolate chips and crushed peppermint candy

I opted for the nonfat Coffee Heath Bar. Yummy and not at all diet-ish. Dad had peach, which actually had a chunk of peach in it that was the size of a 1/2 peach along with all the smaller bits. Mom had Almond Joy. Scott had basic chocolate. Jake enjoyed sticking his tongue out for a constant rotation of licks from everyone else's ice creams.


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