Sunday, April 09, 2006

Memory Card Full

My brain is so full.

Managed to not think about work for the last 2 days. Not enough days of not thinking about work. I need a month off. Or a whole summer. Those weeks when work time is greater than sleep time & personal time combined just really suck bad.

Got to finally spend some time with my parents, though had a very hard time relaxing and enjoying the time. Both because they seem to constantly want to be maximizing the time by being productive, and because I have such limited time to work on my personal projects so needed to get some of that done.

Saturday night was 2nd Saturday in Escondido. Blaine Fontana's new show at Distinction. Derrick Brown poetry reading. Awesome. All of it.

Scott stayed up in his studio for most of the evening. Lots of through traffic. Peter came and stayed for a while. Some girl Scott went to high school with. A woman who said Scott's new photos were "rad" and they reminded her of when she was abducted by aliens 19 years ago, when she was 23. A group of women who were disappointed to learn that the gallery had only one painter of male nudes, rather than being an entire gallery dedicated to male nude art.

A bunch of folks went to O'Sullivans after the gallery closed. We headed down there first but didn't stay long because we were hungry and the kitchen was already closed. I mention this only because I deliberately chose to leave my ID & other belonging at home (so that I wouldn't have to keep track of them), and when we got to the bar, there were 2 bouncers who actually asked me for ID. I laughed and asked if they were serious. They were. But after pointing out my miscellaneous gray hairs and confessing that I am 35 (okay, I will be next month), they gave me a wrist band and let me in. I thanked them for questioning me.

This was Scott's favorite painting:

This was my favorite:

The whole time my parents were here, my dad refused to erase the pictures from the full memory card in his digital camera. Annoyed my mother to no end. For every spontaneous photo opportunity, there was the agony of deciding which photo(s) to erase, and the tedium of re-creating the moment for the camera. After while, it's so ridiculous, it becomes funny.


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