Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Feedback on Scott's New Show

Gotta love hearing reports like this one that Scott received about the new show at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park. The report comes courtesy of Julia, who was sitting the gallery for the group that day:

From two walking Balboa Park security patrol officers, standing in front of Scott's "Reflecting Pond," a sight they see every day they're on duty: "This is gorgeous!" "I've never seen it look like that before!" (Yes, Scott, you are now and forever saddled with the word 'gorgeous to describe you, your art, and your shoes! They were amazed to see the location photographed in a way they'd never seen before -- and, baby, they assured me they'd seen it all! -- comments on the towers' perfect reflection in the water, the warm yellow light coming through the archway, the stillness of the pond, the fact that there weren't 100 people in it, et cetera!


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