Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mommy sick. Daddy sick. Papa sick. Firetruck sick. Motorcycle sick...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Scott woke up sick to his stomach around 4 a.m. and got progressively worse throughout the morning, and around 11:00 a.m. Dad took him to urgent care. Jake was pretty good all day, considering I had almost no energy. We played outside briefly, but spent most of the day inside. I slept on and off, and each time I drifted off, Jake would come and kiss my face and wipe my nose with a Kleenex, saying “Mommy sick.” By the end of the day, everyone was sick, according to Jake. “Mommy sick. Daddy sick. Papa sick. Fire truck sick. Motorcycle sick. Truck sick.”

At urgent care, they hooked Scott up to an I.V. and gave him anti-nausea medicine. Then did a bunch of tests, including bloodwork and a catscan, in order to rule out appendicitis. After six hours, it was pronounced to be stomach flu and they sent him on his way with a prescription for Imodium. He went to bed.

Dad & Jake & I played outside. We jerry-rigged a short-handled fishing net with the ever-useful collection of spears and dowels my parents bought at an auction with the Chorltons. With the longer handle, we were able to catch fish from the bridge without having to wade into the water. We put them in Jake’s little yellow wagon. Each time I got one, Jake would exclaim, “I catch fish!” as though he had done all the work. Then we had to teach him that it is not nice to shake the fish, squeeze the fish, or hit the fish. He had to settle for watching them and occasionally petting them.

Tim called in the evening to say that he couldn’t come after all because he had to work through the weekend. Everyone was disappointed.

We attempted to watch the Disney movie “Brother Bear” with Jake, but he was too scared by the initial scenes with the bears, and then too cranky to sit that still so close to bed time. After I put him to bed, I finished watching the movie myself.


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