Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back in California

We got in very late last night. Here's just a quick update on the craziness of the past week. More details to come later.

The 4-plus hour drive from Mystic, Connecticut, to the cabin in Pennsylvania was brutal. Sitting in the back seat of a four-wheel-drive vehicle for 4-plus hours on winding roads was brutal. Scott and I both had a bout with stomach flu or food poisoning or something along those lines that lasted a couple of days. Had me in bed for the better part of 24 hours with nausea and cramps. And actually resulted in a day spent at the hospital for Scott.

The rest of the weekend at the cabin was pleasant enough, but it poured down rain the entire time. Keeping a 2-year-old couped up is a bit like shaking a soda bottle and unscrewing the lid only a little.

The last night there, Jake kicked all night (sleeping between us - he managed to do this kick-one-parent-while-simultaneously-head-butting-the-other-parent-thing repeatedly for hours), and some kind of critter scratched and scampered all night inside the wall over our heads. (Later, we found out from the exterminator that it might be a flying squirrel, rather than mice as we had assumed. He says we should hope for mice because if the squirrel dies in the wall, it will stink to high heaven.)

Our flight back was fairly uneventful. In the airport in Philadelphia, while eating pizza, one of my teeth broke. I spent most of the morning at the dentist today having a temporary crown put on.

Jake is on East Coast time and having a hard time with naps today. He's super-tired right now, but it's bright daylight still, and he wants no part of going to bed just yet.

Will fill you in on the fun stories and whatnot & share some photos as I have time.


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