Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Project Runway - Catching up on TV

So I watched the 2 episodes of Project Runway that I missed while on vacation. Let me just say that I can't BELIEVE they kept Vincent over Alison. She was so fun and playful and creative and he's such a has-been egomaniacal weirdo! I'm sad. I knew she'd be the one out when it was down to the 2 of them, but I'm disgusted. And how did they not pick Jeffrey to win. His dress was fantastically creative and beautifully executed.

And the other episode. How could they not eliminate Jeffrey after his outfit sucked soooo bad. Robert's was boring, but his customer was happy and he did a good job on it. Jeffrey's was equally boring, and it looked like it didn't fit her. Or like she was wearing it over her regular clothes. And he made his customer CRY!

Makes me almost want to stop watching the show. But I want to see the challenges and the creative process. Maybe I just won't watch the judging part next time because I just get too annoyed.


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