Thursday, June 29, 2006

Abandoned House

One of the more interesting adventures Scott and I had, while on our trip to Pennsylvania, was to explore an old abandoned house. It's just down the street from an old barn that's been converted to an antique store. We got the scoop on the house from the antique store owners.

The owner of the abandoned house has another house in a town about 45 minutes away. When his wife died, he stopped taking care of the now-abandoned house. Over time, people have pillaged the house and stolen things. It's just slowly falling apart. Oddly, the owner still comes on many weekends and stays on the first floor of the barn behind the house.

We checked the barn first to see if he was there and to get permission, but nobody was home. So we decided to explore anyway. The house is trashed, like someone was in the middle of packing to move out, and then just stopped. There are partial boxes of clothing, shoes, book, etc. Some rooms have furniture and some do not. There were wasps and bees that have moved in and mostly taken over. The thing that interested me most was the layers of wallpaper peeling off, creating the most amazing visual textures.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hash Brown Quicke

Sunday morning, we wanted to get some breakfast and experience some local color, so we headed to the diner in Pleasant Mount.

The diner is owned by an Irish woman. And they have what can only be described as an "interesting" menu. One of the specials recently was broccoli and cauliflower rice cheese sauce over french fries.

Well, not to disappoint, there was a special menu for Father's Day, which included wassail (which the waitress described as fruit punch without the punch) and the amazingly popular hash brown quicke.

Well, we played it safe and ordered the basic eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, etc. At 75 cents a glass, we were very tempted to order the wassail, until we heard the chef explaining to another guest that it was made of cranberry concentrate, lemonade concentrate, orange juice concentrate... once the mystery was gone, it just wasn't that interesting.

While waiting for our breakfast to be served, it was comforting to hear the cook (sitting and smoking on a stool at the breakfast counter) yell into the kitchen, "it smells like something's burning again!" And sure enough, it did smell that way. And when my breakfast arrived, we learned that it was my toast. It was practically petrified.

And the conversation ensued about whether I should have gone for the hash brown quicke. I said "but $5 for a quickie?" thinking it sounded high for an unidentified breakfast item. But Marin pointed out that $5 for a quickie sounded like a good deal when phrased that way. Well, we were able to decide among ourselves that it was probably a mispelling of quiche, and again, the item lost its glamour without the mystery. But it didn't lose its enterainment value, as customers continued to arrive and to try to order the "quickie" and the waitress kept trying puzzle through what they were trying to order. Then finally everyone had a good laugh that it was been spelled incorrectly on the special board and printed menus. But they didn't bother to change it.


One of the highlights of my trip was getting to see my friend Marin, who I didn't get to catch up with when we were in PA over the holidays.

We used to work together, and then she moved away to go to graduate school. She made a 12 hour round trip to spend 24 hours with us at the cabin. Brutal. But so wonderful to be able to chat and spend some time catching up.

We have a secret jj project that she's going to help out with. Stay tuned for more information towards the holidays and maybe a few hints here and there along the way.

This is Marin (in her fabulous new glasses and wearing her jj shirt) with Jakob. I think he's going to be taller than her very soon!

Home Tweet Home in Honesdale

I still have more stories from the trip to PA last week.

This is the 3rd year that the Wayne County Arts Alliance has organized a community art project. Two years ago, it was ceramic deer, and last year it was adirondack chairs. This year: Birdhouses!

It was like a little treasure hunt trying to find as many of them as we could, and each time we drove through town, we saw some more we'd missed on the previous trip.

You can read more about the fundraiser event, including how to bid on the birdhouses (they're 2 feet tall!), right here. And you can see pictures of all the birdhouses with their creators right here. My favorite was the birdhouse house bird by Ellen Silberlicht.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gravity Ice Cream and Tractors

Finally got a chance to copy the photos from our trip off my camera and onto the computer. I'll try not to overwhelm y'all with all the pictures at once.

When we're at my parents' cabin, in the mountains in Pennsylvania, we're near a little town called Honesdale. In the summer, Gravity Ice Cream stand has $1.00 cones. It's so hot that the soft-serve ice cream is already melting by the time you take your first lick. Mostly they serve vanilla, chocolate, and twist. I like vanilla.

Jake wanted nothing to do with ice cream that night... because there was a tractor on the next block. Luckily, Grandpa had spotted it earlier in the day and took Jake over to sit on it. So for a good 30 minutes or so, Jake drove the tractor. Heaven for this almost-two-year-old.

Monday, June 26, 2006


The long-anticipated Lightleaks magazine arrived, with my husband's Holga photo on page 13. Way cool.

Broke, Mommy Car

So, Saturday afternoon, on my way home from picking up my new Twinkling H2Os, I was sitting at a red light, idling. And my car turned off. And it made a terrible noise. And I was just so surprised - this is my 3rd BMW and I've not ever had problems with anything other than the automatic window mechanisms. So I turned the car back on, and it stayed on for a few seconds, made a terrible grinding noise, then a squeak, and then off again. I nursed it through the intersection when the light changed and called Scott. Luckily I was only 1/2 mile from home, and the dealership was still open. So Scott took me home, then went back to wait with my car for the tow truck. Then he came back to pick me and Jake up on the way to the dealer. When my car arrived on the flat bed, Jake announced, "Broke, Mommy car! Broke!"

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Boggle Boggle Boggle!

Boggle is my favorite game. Ever. We used to play together as a family all the time. But mostly no one wants to play with me anymore. No matter how jetlagged or tired or distracted I am. My mom humored me with a few rounds one night. But no other takers - even when I offered to play me against all of them as a team. Sigh.

At the bottom of the Boggle score sheet, you can see me struggling to figure out how to draw a reindeer. And you can see Scott's frustration with my "does it look like a reindeer yet?" questions - because he drew in a pickup truck and a shotgun exploding toward my "reindeer" heads.

The Zoo with Aunt Rosie

Aunt Rosie brought fun things for Jakob when she came to visit us while we were visiting Pennsylvania. One of the things she brought was a WHOLE pack of foam animal stickers.

She and Jake made this great picture of the zoo. Jake had a hard time deciding where the animals should all go, so some ended up in the trees, some on the ground... and a few on the piano and the coffee table and someone's shirt...

Back to Creativity

I needed to unpack last night. And to put away my new things. And to put away my old things. And to unearth my home from the wreckage of the jj launch party. So I did some of that. And then I just had to make something. Decided to finally do something with some of the vintage ephemera I tend to collect. This is an old photo from a swap meet.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Flight back today. Poor planning. Flight departed around 10 am from Philly - that meant being at the airport by 8 am. Too early.

Flight itself was a little bumpy but otherwise okay. Jake slept about the first hour and then caused a ruckus for the remaining 4 hours. People around us were kind and tolerant. So happy there were no delays and that it was a direct flight. Next time, we need to remember to bring the portable DVD player. Scott's already prepared to bail on our trip to Boston in August, but hopefully by the time that rolls around, this trip will be a distant memory.

I stopped by Cat's to pick up my Twinkling H2Os that I'd ordered before I left. It could have waited till Tuesday, but there are NEW COLORS! So I had to go right away. The new colors just became available this week - great timing for me! I haven't been able to find any pictures of them online, but here's the list of the new colors:

blue zircon (cobalt blue)
golden monarch (coppery brown)
african jade (looks aqua to me)
terracotta rose (a brown with a pink tint)
wintermint (sea green)
plumeria (like a magenta towards purple)
rose gold (coppery orange)
midon melon (green like watermelon skin)
pink anthunum (kind of like a dark hot pink)
northern lights (irridescent purple-blue)
kunzite/tanzanite (the packaging says kunzite but the jar says tanzanite - looks like periwinkle)
mandarin blush (orange)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The 'Burbs

Scott drove into the city with Jake to pick me up from the hotel late in the morning. We all had a nap when we got to Paoli. On the way home, Jake pointed out all of the big trucks ("big tuck!") we passed on the expressway. Scott encouraged Jake to demonstrate the new word he'd learned the day before: fuzzy. He had been picking fuzzies from the carpet and announcing "fuzzy!" at each one. When prompted for the new word, he spouted, "fuzzy tuck!"

After naptime, John and Rosie arrived from New Jersey. They brought Jake a cute little outfit. Rosie brought her latest quilt projects. I will post pictures when we get home.

Mom came home from work a little early and whipped up an entire turkey dinner, complete with home-made mashed potatoes, stuffing, fresh asparagus.

Dad is involved in a series of long meetings this week and we didn't think we'd see him much, but he surprised us and came home to join us for dinner before heading back for more meetings.

Marwa drove up from Delaware after work. I hadn't seen her since Jake was just a few weeks old. She brought him lots of new little toy trucks. He was thrilled, especially with the fire truck. It was fun to actually get to catch up a little. I hope we're able to come back over the holidays and spend more than a few hours together. We took some very cute pictures of her with Jake, and I'll post those when I get home too.

Jake was very excited to have so many people to play with. My mom taught him to say "have a nice day" (which comes out rather like "da da da da da da day" - the wrong number of syllables, but the right sing-song inflection) and he entertained both himself and us with opening and closing the door between the kitchen and dining room, coming back and forth, telling us to have a nice day each time he left, and simultaneously giggling like a madman.

Philadelphia Adventures - Day 3

Wednesday, Scott came into the city. Over the lunch break, we met at the hotel, then walked over to Antique Row on Pine Street. Not quite as many shops as I had hoped and things were a bit more furniture focused and upscale than I like... but I found a few things. I especially enjoyed Paper on Pine. I found an adorable cupcake card and a sheet of cupcake wrapping paper from Snow & Graham Chicago, which I recognized right away as a letterpress design. Design*Sponge influence clearly present in my lust for quality paper products. Found some very cute hand-made-looking cards from Meri Meri that were hand-assembled in Mexico. I got a dog one and a cat one. You can't really see in the picture but the animals are in relief with foam adhesive. I found some adorable illustrated hand silkscreened cards from GreatArrow, including this very cute skunk on that says "birthdays stink." I think maybe jj needs a skunk with a big swirly tail. I also got a set of sassy Zodiac Notes cards by Robin Maguire. Oddly, between when I purchased them and when I was looking through them to post this entry, one seems to have gone missing.

We had lunch at Mixto. T'hen we looked in the shops along Pine, stopped in a couple of galleries (nothing memorable). After lunch, we explored the rest of the shops in the area, including an eclectic little place called Bendo (which I can't seem to locate a web site for just now) that was packed full of funky hats, old photos, mid-century design pieces, and lots of kitsch. I got a CD of French songs and a box of Lotta Jansdotter postcards.

In the evening, we took Jennifer with us to South Street. Dinner at South Street Souvlaki. Saganakiopa. Hummus. Feta. Gyros. Then walking around South Street, people watching and shopping. Way more shoe stores than I remembered. The first place we stopped had some really cool things, including some Irregular Choice shoes with retro cats on them, but none in my size of course. I did get a fun pair of red tartan plaid shoes with cat cartoons in red over printed. And also a pair of black shoes with a white bow stitched around the opening and then tied off center on the toe. Another place we stopped, I picked up an unusually stylish pair of Clarks sandals that are pink, orange, coral, and irridescent green.

Philadelphia Adventures - Day 2

Tuesday, my coworker Jennifer and I escaped the nasty boxed lunch and went out. We had lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant called Il Portico. Mix salad greens with pear and some kind of amazingly delicious dressing. Fresh-made gnocchi in a nutty creamy sauce. Too full for dessert.

Then we went to Urban Outfitters, where they had some super-fun t-shirts and some really adorable totes with French sayings on them. Of course, I couldn't resist the one with a bird on it. This one says "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." We spent way too much time looking through all the fascinating t-shirts. And interestingly, they had quite a few t-shirts that featured cupcakes, much like the Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts and other apparel I'd just discovered the night before. Unfortunately for me, the largest size they seem to have is Large. I think if I lost about 20 more pounds, I might actually be able to fit into a large. It might be snug, but I could probably get away with it. So I bought 2 t-shirts. One that I just loved (with a bird on it, of course) and the other was really adorable plus on sale for $10. Who am I so say "no" to such a bargain? When we'd exhausted that store, we headed a few blocks away to Anthropologie. So much really cool stuff. Of course, lots of things with birds. It was very very hard to resist. I carried a white porcelain bird ($20) around the store with me nearly the entire time I was there, but in the end decided against purchasing it - I don't really need broken porcelain in my suitcase. There were numerous tablecloths and cloth napkins that I was tempted by, but since I've taken over the dining room as a studio, we don't really have a dining table to speak of and table linens would just be stored away. I did, however, purchase some adorable dish towels.

In the evening, Jennifer and I had dinner at Fork. We ordered five appetizers and shared. Then we had our own desserts (apricot tart for me). I had a drink called a Forklift: absolut kurant, pomegranate juice, fresh lime. After dinner, we walk a couple blocks to 32 Degrees where a vendor was hosting a party. It was a mob scene. Just a long narrow room, with very loud music, people smoking, hardly enough room to walk, and no dance floor. We looked around for people we knew and then quickly decided it wasn't our scene and escaped.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Philadelphia Adventures - Day 1

I was invited to Cuba Libre for dinner on Monday night, but was just too tired to go out. Getting up and to the Convention Center for the 7:30 am registration (4:30 am California time) was just brutal, and by the end of a very long day of lectures, I'd had it. I stayed in and ordered room service.

DIA Adventures

I'm in Philadelphia for the Drug Information Association annual meeting. It's my first one. A huge event. All of the hotels in the city are sold out. Prices are ridiculously high. The streets are swarming with grouchy taxi drivers. It's east-coast summer typical hot and muggy. And places that would normally be very quiet on a week night are hopping.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is enormous. It's the largest public construction project ever in Pennsylvania, and it spans two very large city blocks. The building is a strange mix of modern architecture with the feel of a grand old converted train station or warehouse. There's good reason for this - the Grand Hall and Ballroom occupy the renovated Reading Terminal Trainshed, which is the oldest surviving single-span arched trainshed roof structure in the world (and the only one of its kind remaining in the US). And when you're inside it looking up, it feels that way. The ceilings are high, hallways and buildings spacious. Inside the grand hall, it almost feels like an outdoor square. The first day of the conference, there were folks wandering around in Colonial costumes, including one dressed as Ben Franklin. Also, there was a man in knickers and a 3-pointed hat carrying a bell and announcing the start of events rather like a town cryer.

The lecture sessions seem to be hit or miss. Some have been great. Some have been just terrible. The vendor exhibit hall is sort of interesting. I wonder if they actually generate any new business during this event. The give-aways at the booths were quite interesting. Some very creative, and some very obviously a token advertising pen or keychain or other trash-able item. But I got a few good things. A blow-up blue soccer ball for Jake. Blue & yellow M&Ms for Jake. A few alterable items, like a red canvas tote with black handles (that I'm hoping can be bleached to pink) and a little hard cover book that holds sticky notes. At one exhibit, I played a really fun game. It's a glass box with a door that you step inside. Fans are turned on, and you have one minute to catch 20 pieces of paper that are flying around in the air. It's really hard to do, but also really fun. It doesn't feel like a whole minute. I won a set of small Bose speakers for an iPod. At another booth, they were doing drawings for $100 American Express gift certificates. I showed up just a minute late for the drawing last night to learn that had I been there, my number had been drawn. Ugh.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Traveling Back East

Yeah, I'm blogging a little out of order. I'm behind, and working backwards in my mind through recent events.

I took Thursday off from work. Sort of. I ended up working quite a bit. I even hired a summer intern. This will be the first time in a few years that I'll have someone reporting to me. Though I realized recently that if the big project we've been waiting on approval for actually gets approved according to my plan, I may have 3 people reporting to me. Quite a change from the 25 that I had in my last job. I'm not sure I'd take on 25 direct reports again - that was a little crazy.

So, in between my day-job work, I managed to pack for our trip, and to handle some jj details. I finished filling the last of the special orders from the launch party, as well as our first wholesale order. When I dropped those off with Cat, she handed over a couple new special orders. I won't be able to fill those till I get back in town.

I'm still waiting for the extra wood that I ordered. Until I get it, the tree, the whimsical frame, Priscilla, and all of the birds (except Louise) are back ordered. The wood should be there waiting for me when I get home on Saturday.

We took a red-eye flight on Thursday night, arriving in Philadelphia at 5:30 am on Friday. That didn't seem too bad when we booked it, but when we arrived, it finally clicked for me that 5:30 am EST is 2:30 am PST. Ouch.

My dad picked us up at the airport, took us home to pick up my mom, then we all went to breakfast at The Classic Diner. One of my favorite places to eat there - we used to go for lunch all the time when I worked in the area.

Then mom went to work, and the rest of us napped for a couple of hours. We had lunch at Bravo Pizza - heaven. Thick greasy cheese, hoagies, all kinds of Italian yummy things. I was tempted by so many things, but I just had to have a Philly chicken cheesesteak. Yum!! And so hard to find elsewhere in the country.

City of Brotherly Love

I'm blogging from Philadelphia this week. Feels so good to be "home." But feels very weird to be staying at a hotel in a city where I used to live and work, and to have my family staying 1/2 an hour away.

I'm staying downtown on Broad Street, and attending the hugabundous Drug Information Association conference - the annual conference for the pharmaceutical industry. The conference has taken over the city. It's madness.

I'd never been in the Convention Center before - the scale of the building is overwhelming. It spans 2 city blocks. I'll try to take my camera with me so I'll have some photos to post when I get back home.

Cat's New Blog!

Cat has a new blog! She promises to update more frequently and to torment us with all the new goodies and samples arriving at the store. Oh, what a fun summer we are going to have!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


One of my favorite things about the Self-Addressed kit is that every month on the message board, there's a thread with hints and guesses about what the next month's kit will contain. It's always so fun to read. Because everyone is excited about the mystery. Because people's guesses always have links to products I'd never heard of. It's great. Here's this month's thread, under way...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Purple Onion Designs

Purple Onion is having a sale and I was able to place an order this time. I missed out on the last sale. Michele shipped the order super-fast. I got my stamps a few days ago. They are all unmounted, and she has a lot of really cool alphabets. So I got 2 alphas and a few other sheets of her new designs. So cool!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Birdies, and Ribbons & Parties, Oh My!

I still have a few pictures and things to post from the justjohanna launch party last weekend. Can hardly believe that was just a week ago. It was a very busy, very full week. And this week promises to be equally so. I'm only in the office 3 days this week, then off to Philadelphia for a week long conference, sandwiched between 1 weekend with my parents and 1 weekend of traveling back to California.

Anyway, back the the launch party details. Chris came to Cat's Craft Cupboard during the day for the make-n-takes, and she won our first drawing. And then later on, she won another drawing. Part of her goodie pack included a bundle of ribbon in jj colors. She was so sweet and wore the ribbon in her hair to the party. Here's Chris wearing her jj ribbons and eating one of those yummy water ice treats at The Blue Mug. Yum!

She also brought me this very sweet little birdie gift. What a tweet! I have in on a shelf in my very messy studio. I hope if I ever get a chance to straighten up again that I can find a more prominent place for it. Thank you, Chris!

Why you should never tattoo a woman's name on your body...

... or anyone's name for that matter... for mostly obvious reasons... what if you break up and you're stuck with the tattoo? Like my brother-in-law with his soon-to-be-ex-wife's name... but could it be worse?

How why not a tattoo with the name of the person you've been married to for nearly 40 years? Because the tattoo artist might spell it wrong! Yep. My father-in-law's tattoo with my mother-in-law's name spelled wrong. His response when you point it out: "Well, you can spell it both ways."

Papa's House!

When Jakob gets a little stir-crazy, he starts naming all the places he thinks he might convince us to go. Papa's House is always at the top of the list. And they always have cool stuff there. Always some money-making scheme or some temporarily storage for odd items for various friends. Today was no exception. A bumper car and a mini motorcycle. Jake definitely preferred the bumper car.

Late Afternoon at the Park

We went to the little park near my in-laws' house late this afternoon. It's just a couple of miles away. A long narrow park in a shabby neighborhood. It has bright green grass, and the cutest winding concrete sidewalk with words from Jack and the Beanstalk etched in large letters into the concrete. So, first you come to Fee... and then 10 feet later to Fi... and then 10 feet later to Fo... and then Fum... And little shoots of concrete from the main stalk are leaves of concrete that house picnic tables.

Jake got a new Superman (though he insists that it's Super-Army-Man) and exploding pick-up truck today. We didn't give him the exploding parts of the pick-up truck, but he's thrilled with anyway. He has carted it around very intently since we removed it from the packaging earlier this afternoon. He took it with him down the slide. He pushed it up and down the slide. Buried it in the wood shavings. Pushed it on the swing.

Colored Pencil Class

This morning, I took a special Prismacolor colored pencil class at Cat's. Terry Medaris came from Arizona to teach the three-hour class. I learned 2 blending techniques. On the left is unblended color, middle is technique 1, on the right is technique 2.

Jacqueline is Blogging!

Actually, Jacqueline has been blogging for a while - I just didn't know.

She's going the cutest things with her jj stamps... she's weaving a story to go with her series of cards, and she is posting the stories & the cards on her blog. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the birdie adventures and seeing what critters show up in her stories next.

I think we've had a little preview of what's coming, since Jacqueline mentioned Jolie's "enemies" and I happen to know that naughty Mabel is lurking about.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sweet Auntie Jill

I still haven't quite posted all the details from last weekend. It was just one week ago that Cat, Debbie, Lora, and I were camped out at Cat's getting ready for the big launch party. What a fun time it was - even though it was a tremendous amount of work.

Jill made me this terrific card with the "J" monogram she got earlier in the day & some of my favorite (Basic Grey) paper. She even drew in those little periods of ellipse all on her own. And she included scrabble letters D, A, and H. You know, Bir-DAH. From Bambi. For the next release of images, I think we need to name one of the birds bir-d or bir-dah. Just because.

Jill also won one of the gift certificates at the party - for guessing correctly that Candace the bird is named after my mother. Believe it or not, this was the better of the 2 photos of us together.

Antique Wood Carved Print Blocks from India

I won! Well... I won 2 of them... Aren't they gorgeous?

Jenni Bowlin Kits

Yeah, I gave in. I signed up today for 3 months. I thought at first she was just offering a monthly project, and they looked a little pricey, but very cool. I could resist that. But then I saw that it's actually a kit (separate from the project) with exclusive stamps and exclusive chipboard designs. Well, gotta have that right? Plus I love that she mixes manufacturers and does all the shopping work for me, just like Self-Addressed.


My interest in eBay is pretty much like my interest in anything else. I find something I must have and eBay is my best friend. I can't stay away from it. But then I lose interest and find that of the millions of items offered, none interest me. Well, I just found something new that I want. Print blocks! Look how cool these are (yeah, I'm not linking you to the actual auction on purpose - I don't want you to outbid me!)...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Stopped by Cat's store yesterday to drop off stuff I'd accidentally taken home from the party, and to pick up the latest orders. Linda Huie, winner of the grand prize at the justjohanna launch party, happened to be there and she had this lovely card for me. What a cute idea to cut out a little section of the background and raise it up to highlight the sentiment. Great idea!

Debbie is Blogging!

Debbie - Queen of Make-n-Takes - is blogging! It must be contagious!

Plus she lets out the secret of why she chose her shoe-related screen-name when she doesn't have a shoe fetish (unlike some of us).

Debbie's Blog

Godelieve is Blogging!

Blogging + stamping! Heavenly combination. Love Godelieve's new blog!

Look at all the hard work her sweet husband did so she could have her stamps mounted. Better warn hubby that there are more stamps coming in July!

And at the cute way she stores her stamps in wood trays and stamps the images on the outside of the trays.

CHA Chicago - Here we come!

Cat & I booked our plane tickets to go to CHA in Chicago in July. Cat ordered badges for us. It's gonna be soooo fun! We're going to stay with my brother and his family. And it looks like a couple of the jj DT members are going to be able to be there as well. Looking forward to meeting them.

We're just visiting this CHA to check it out and see what we think. But the next one, in Anaheim, I think we will try to exhibit.

Self-Addressed June Collection

Argh! Usually I can resist the collections. The last few have been sorta tempting, but nothing that I *had* to have. But this one... We R Memory Keepers "Diner"... the colors are so justjohanna. I had to have it. Ordered it this morning, but it will be shipped with my July kit so I won't receive it for another month.

Look how yummy it is!

Self-Addressed June

My Self-Addressed kit arrived over the weekend. Can't believe I didn't even have a chance to open it until Monday night, and still haven't had a chance to really look at it. I was at the store with Cat on Saturday when hers arrived, so I at least got to see the cute little flower book, the chipboard flourishes, and the cards. But I haven't really looked at the the paper yet! It's Cherry Arte & Fancy Pants this month.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Etsy Shopping

Found another paper pack (French vintage wallpaper) through Sofia's blog on Etsy. I tihnk this is some of what will be in the pack: